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These suppliers typically identify themselves as Tier 1, Tier2, testing services, raw material, or capital equipment companies. We also support their plant locations throughout the United States.

There are three particular internal organizations of each company that we support: Research & Development (engineering), Business (human resources, accounting, executive suite, etc.), and Manufacturing (plant, quality, etc.).


Here are the common titles of the professionals we specialize in placing in the automotive industry

Research & Development

Engineer, Automotive Engineer, DRE, Release Engineer, Design Engineer, Resident Engineer, Applications Engineer, Sales Engineer, Test Engineer, Validation Engineer, Lab Technician, Program Manager, CAD Designer (UG/CATIA), FEA/CAE Engineer, Engineering Manager, Technical Fellow, Technical Expert, PhD Engineering, Sales, Account Management


Buyer, Purchasing Agency, Material Planning, Sales, Account Management, Supplier Quality Engineer, Quality Engineer, Auditor


Manufacturing Engineer, Process Engineer, Controls Engineer, Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Quality Manager


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