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    1.  Press “Submit” and you’ll get an e-mail with your own very own Nehez Recruiting Referral ID. 

    2.  As you find people who may be looking for a new automotive career, give them our website ( and your Referral ID.

    3.  Our process is confidential and once they submit their resume with your Referral ID, you will get credit for referring that person for three years.

    4.  Your reward is a $500 gift card if the candidate is placed within 12 months, $250 gift card for 2 years, and $100 on the third year.

    5.  If you misplace your Referral ID, simply call us to retrieve it (866-913-5111 X535).  One Referral ID per individual only (we honor the first one by date).

    6.  You cannot refer yourself for a reward. 

    7.  Once the candidate starts the new position, you’re gift card will be mailed to you immediately!

    8.  You’re Referral Code is linked directly to your e-mail address.  If you change your e-mail address, it is your responsibility to inform us.

    9.  When you win a reward, you will be required to submit to us all US Federal required personal information for tax purposes.

    10.  There is NO LIMIT to this reward system!  You can be your own Private Headhunter!